Well, this morning I found a new blog comment in my email box from the CEO, E.C. Wagner, in my inbox. Apparently, he did not appreciate my post about his company. I was forced to remove his comments as they were blatantly slanderous towards me. Unfortunately, The blog program I utilize did not allow me to remove his comments selectively so other readers who have left comments under my previous Sola blog entry have been removed as well. To those of you affected, I apologize.

Let me give you the gist of Mr. Wagner’s comments: according to him, I am public enemy #1 in the inventing industry and all sorts of governmental and consumer (BBB) agencies are investigating me. I will let you the informed consumer make up your mind about me after reading my blog entries and the substantial amount of material I have written on my web site and at www.troubleshooter.com about inventing and patenting.

Anyhow, I have invited Mr. Wagner in an email to send me notice of any errors about his company that appeared in my previous post , and if I can substantiate any errors, I will issue an apology and retraction right here.

To start, I have changed the name of the previous blog entry to be less controversial. To those of you who have not seen the previous title, it will soon be forever lost in the ether of the internet.

Second, this post is to inform you of a change to the Sola website, www.solaclient.com, which now admits that their services are pay for services. Specifically, their website states, “This three tier program includes: 1. ‘up front’ payment no risk-royalty programs…”. Kudos to Mr. Wagner’s honesty in this regard, and with this change at least one of my complaints of his company are ameliorated.

And Mr. Wagner, if you would ever like to talk, just give me a call.