Originally Posted 1/26/06 

while back, we received an incredible slanderous comment from one of the owners of SOLA. We had no choice but to remove it. If you check our posts over the past 10 months or so, you will know what I am talking about.

During this time we also received a number of SPAM comments that really had nothing to do with our posts but were rather a form of marketing for someone else’s blog.

Anyhow, because of these occurrences, we disabled comment posting. In the past several months, I have received unpublished comments in my email that I wish had been published on the Blog itself.

So I am turning the comments option back on and hopefully I will be able to leave it on this time. I encourage you to agree or disagree with us if you would like; just do not leave any comments that could be libelous or slanderous to us, or even more so, anyone else.