Orginally Posted 1/5/06 

Well we have adopted a new look – not all together willingly. We have been experiencing issues with the blog and the sidebar placing itself at the bottom of the page when I am trying to post the second installment of three chords and the truth. In an attempt to remedy it we applied a new template to the blog. It did not help the problem, but we didn’t feel like changing the template – so blue is the new color!

On a more positive note, we have added a RSS feed so if you subscribe to news groups on Yahoo or Google you can basically be notified when we have new material on the blog and you won’t have to check it out on a daily basis to see if there is new material(at least that’s our understanding of the whole thing!). Anyway, we have attempted to set the feed to only give you the first paragraph or so (we know we can be a bit long winded) just in case you are receiving the feed on a portable device. If the feed seems to be downloading the whole article – let us know and we will attempt to fix it so your PDA’s don’t get clogged up. Who knows, maybe next we will do podcasts – that should be interesting!