Originally Posted 1/6/06 

On Wednesday January 11, 10-12AM MST, I will be heard live across the nation on the Tom Martino Troubleshooter radio show to discuss inventions, patents and other intellectual property. And if you have questions you would like Tom and I to answer, feel free to call in. For those of you that are not familiar with Tom Martino and the Troubleshooter show, I suggest you reference the Troubleshooter website. If you are in Denver or Colorado, you likely know who Tom Martino is and you have probably formed an opinion of him. To the rest of the Nation he is a relatively new radio personality: the show went National 4-5 years ago (I believe) and can be heard in most markets.

The format of his long running and very popular consumer help show has listeners call in with their complaints. Tom with the help of his staff and experts attempt to resolve the problems usually with great success. Additionally, Tom, a very successful entrepreneur, prides himself in helping others with sage advice concerning the word of business. Of course, my summary really does not do the show justice. You will just have to listen.

In addition to the radio show, Tom has regular features on as a consumer reporter on the Denver edition of FoxNews. Further, the Troubleshooter network provides a referral list of screened merchants and service providers that agree to abide by a basic code of ethics in dealing with customers and clients. The list can be found at Referrallist.com.

I have been Tom’s intellectual property law expert since joining the referral list in 2003. I have been on the radio show in numerous short segments over the last 2.5 years helping callers with their specific patent, trademark and copyright problems. This next Wednesday will be the first time I will be on the national show for an extended period of time to take calls specifically concerning intellectual property matters (I did appear on a Sunday local version of the show 1.5 years ago).

What will we talk about? I don’t know exactly as it will depend on callers and the host’s guidance (I suspect the host will be Tom but it could be his first lieutenant, Chris Kane, who is the regular substitute host). But I would be shocked if the topic of Invention Promotion Companies does not come up. If you have read this blog, and the firm Web Site, you know my feelings about them. No matter what happens, if you are interested in the topic of inventing and entrepreneurship, you will enjoy yourself.

I hope you get a chance to listen. Click Here for an Affiliate Radio Station nearest you. And remember to drop me and email and tell me how I did!