Leyendecker & Lemire represents author of the “Honest Toddler” blog with respect to its widely publicized trademark dispute with The Honest Company

Sept. 24, 2013

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — Leyendecker & Lemire, LLC, an intellectual property and business law firm providing Intellectual Property (IP) and business-related legal services to entrepreneurs, individual inventors, and businesses of all sizes, announces the successful resolution of the “Honest Toddler” trademark dispute.

Leyendecker & Lemire represented Bunmi Laditan, author and creator of the Honest Toddler blog, with respect to its widely publicized trademark dispute with The Honest Company, founded by Jessica Alba, a Golden Globe-nominated actress. The Honest Company provides safe, eco-friendly, affordable products for babies and children.

With more than 265,000 followers, the “Honest Toddler” Twitter feed (@honesttoddler) independently created by Laditan turned into a blog at thehonesttoddler.com and a book, “The Honest Toddler: A Child’s Guide to Parenting.” All three outlets—Twitter feed, blog, and book—provide insights for parents via hilarious quips about life from a toddler’s perspective. Laditan does not sell baby products through her blog.

After weeks of negotiations, Leyendecker & Lemire were able to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of both sides.  Upon executing the settlement, the parties released this joint statement: “For the past several weeks, you may have watched an unwanted situation unfold between The Honest Company and The Honest Toddler. We have now arrived at an amicable agreement which protects both of our respective business interests today and in the future. We want to thank our communities for your unwavering support and look forward to moving forward and doing what we each do best.”

“These sorts of issues are becoming more and more common,” says Peter C. Lemire, attorney on the Honest Toddler case. “With the advent of the Internet, people and businesses that once probably would have never come in contact with one another are now all of a sudden bumping into each other online.  Trademarks need to be on every business owner’s radar screen no matter how large or small their venture is. Failure to do so can be devastating. While we were able to get a successful resolution in this case, not all business owners are so fortunate.”

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