Patents issued for a retractable bed cover holder, a hands-free bicycle pedal and a trademark registered for vacation accommodation website Bidgo®

Oct. 15, 2014

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — Leyendecker & Lemire, LLC, an intellectual property and business law firm providing Intellectual Property (IP) and business-related legal services to entrepreneurs, individual inventors and businesses of all sizes, announces two new patentees whose inventions have been successfully commercialized and one successfully registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The firm recently represented patentee Jeff S. Williams of Westminster, Colo. The patented device invented by Williams is a stand that assists in a hands-free method of cleaning, inspecting, lubricating and/or adjusting a bicycle drive train. Previously the most common ways to complete any of these tasks, whether by turning the bicycle upside down and placing it on its saddle or by installing it on an inferior stand, proved to have considerable drawbacks as the operator still needed to use a hand to turn the pedal. Williams’ invention offers the operator a hands-free approach to bicycle maintenance. The stand, equipped with a small motor attached to a crank arm that turns the bicycle pedals, frees up the hands of the operator. For more information on the hands-free bicycle maintenance pedal, contact Williams at The patent was issued August 5.

Leyendecker & Lemire also recently represented patentee Doreen Eubank of Aurora, Colo., for her invention that solves the storage issue of unused bedding while a bed is in use. Typically, unused bedding is stored at the foot of the bed, hindering a taller person from stretching out, or haphazardly thrown on the floor, allowing the bedding to become soiled. What’s more, quilt racks placed at the foot of the bed hinder the decorum of the room when not in use. Eubank’s invention, a tubular L-shaped unit that slides between the mattress and the box spring, slides out to form a shelf to easily accommodate storage for pillows, comforters and other unused bedding.  For more information on the bed cover holder, contact Eubank at The patent was issued August 12.

Leyendecker & Lemire also successfully registered the trademark for Sam Deal of Aurora, Colo., for his travel accommodation company Bidgo® Travel. Bidgo Travel allows those who own vacation homes the opportunity to fill their rental calendar, while also allowing travelers to secure accommodations on a “Rent Now” basis or by participating in a live auction with other travelers. Vacation homeowners are then able to rent out their homes, gain valuable Internet exposure, and give travelers accommodations at a price they can afford. For more information, visit the company’s website at

“Our law firm is pleased to announce our most recent patentees and entrepreneurs to our expanding portfolio,” says Founding Partner and Superlawyer Peter C. Lemire. “During our 10 years in practice, we have successfully registered trademarks and filed patents for hundreds of budding business owners. With each one, we become more proud of the accomplishments of our clients. Each registration is not only a success for the firm, but also for Colorado’s budding entrepreneurial landscape. And for that, we have only our hard-working clients to thank.”

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