Patents issued for prosthetic joints, a water injection system using reclaimed water and an elongated shower drain

Nov. 6, 2014

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — Leyendecker & Lemire LLC, firm providing Intellectual Property (IP) and business-related legal services to entrepreneurs, individual inventors and businesses of all sizes, announces three new patentees whose inventions have been successfully commercialized with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The firm recently represented patentee Jerome R. Rifkin, CEO of Fitbionic in Boulder, Colo. The patented device invented by Rifkin is a joint for prosthetic, orthotic and/or robotic devices used by amputees. The goal of the joint is to naturally simulate the coordinated motions of the natural human foot, particularly during walking. This invention includes three of the most important segments of the foot and has the ability to give any amputee, whether above or below the knee, a more natural and coordinated walk for improved activity and fitness. For more information on Fitbionic or on Rifkin’s prosthetic joint, visit The patent was issued Sept. 2.

Leyendecker & Lemire also represented patentee Matt Snow, president of Snow Performance in Woodland Park, Colo. Snow patented a water injection system using water reclaimed from combustion exhaust in high performance vehicles. These systems provide users significant vehicle power advantages by injecting water and alcohol into a fuel-air mixture entering the combustion chamber. An engine’s power output can be greatly increased while simultaneously decreasing the combustion chamber’s temperature. Traditionally, the user was required to perform a manual tuning of this system, which can be difficult to perform correctly, especially for novice users.  Also, prior systems did not provide the driver with display information inside the vehicle that is needed in order to run the system in the most efficient manner possible. This typically allows the injection system to run low on fluids that the user must refill manually. A combustion system, such as Snow’s, allows the reserve to be continuously fed fluid by reclaiming the burn-off fuel mixture from the engine. A display unit is also installed in the vehicle’s interior so the user knows when to engage the system, and can read its performance outputs and internal liquid levels. To learn more about this patent and other patents of Snow’s, visit The patent was issued Sept. 2.

Leyendecker & Lemire also successfully patented an elongated shower drain and shower door assembly for use in residential construction invented by Josef Erlebach of Quick Drain USA, headquartered in Frisco, Colo. These drains, made from high-strength stainless steel, install easily and take half the time to install compared to traditional center drain systems. Center drain systems require a shower pan to be sloped in four directions, which is more complicated and time-consuming to construct. Erlebach’s system only requires a single sloped shower pan for his elongated shower drain, which is typically located at one edge of the shower stall. A corresponding shower door assembly was also part of the patent. For more information, visit the company’s website at

“Our law firm is pleased to announce these important patents,” says Founding Partner and Superlawyer Peter C. Lemire. “We are proud to be such an important and trusted cog in our clients’ small business ventures. Each patent or trademark we successfully represent adds to Colorado’s rich entrepreneurial landscape.”

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