Patents include a vitamin supplement hangover remedy, an automatic pill dispensing device and trademarked endoscopes

March 13, 2013

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — Leyendecker & Lemire, LLC, an intellectual property and business law firm providing Intellectual Property (IP) and business-related legal services to entrepreneurs, individual inventors, and businesses of all sizes, announces three recent patentees whose inventions include a vitamin supplement hangover remedy, an automatic pill dispensing device and trademarked NeedleView™ endoscopes.

Leyendecker & Lemire represented patentee William Halamicek, a systems analyst at Strategic Products and Services and founder of Hangover Painover LLC, located at 6165 Clearwater Dr. in Loveland, Colo., in patenting a vitamin supplement hangover remedy last month. The cherry-flavored supplement comes in powder form in single-serving packages, can be mixed with water or fruit juice, and works best if taken the night of alcohol consumption, although it can also be taken the following morning.

“Hangover Painover is a great preventative and cure for hangover symptoms,” says Halamicek. “It prevents or lessens headaches, nausea, etc., and lets you function throughout the next day. It is easy to take on the go and is fast acting in any situation.”

Halamicek’s product has been field tested and offers a scientifically balanced, synergistic blend of safe vitamins and nutrients that can be taken before, during, or after drinking. For more information about Hangover Painover, visit or contact Halamicek via email at

Leyendecker & Lemire is the legal correspondent listed for NeedleView™, a new trademark registered in December 2012 in the category of medical instruments products. The U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for NeedleView by BioVision Technologies, LLC, located at 221 Corporate Circle, Suite H, in Golden, Colo. BioVision Technologies develops and manufactures innovative micro-visualization solutions that enable endoluminal and minimally invasive medical procedures in both human and veterinary medicine. Needleview incorporates a very small high resolution imaging technology; the 18-gauge NeedleView endoscopes are micro-sized, resilient, and can be inserted into small joints with ease. BioVision Technologies has integrated unique imaging technologies and customized micro-endoscope solutions to reduce incision size and speed healing.

For more information, visit the BioVision Technologies website or contact David Sanso via email

Leyendecker & Lemire also represented patentee R/X Automation Solutions, Inc., founded in 2004 with a specific charter to develop automation solutions for the mail order pharmacy industry. R/X Automation Solutions, located at 1830 Boston Avenue, Suite A-B-C in Longmont, Colo., has been granted a patent for a pill dispensing device for use in automated pharmaceutical prescription fulfillment.  The device offers the most accurate and reliable performance in the industry.

The company’s Script Count Tablet & Capsule Dispensing Units are engineered to maximize the accuracy, efficiency and control of tablet and capsule prescription orders dispensed in mail order and central fill pharmacies, reducing the cost per prescription. The proprietary, patented technology of the Script Count provides users the ability to dramatically increase production throughput and insure that all prescription orders leaving their facility are 100 percent accurate.

R/X Automation Solutions’ ScriptPick™ Single Channel Unit-of-Use Dispense & Labeling System is a fully automatic process tool designed to dispense and label high running single item Unit of Use products within the mail order and central fill pharmacy environments. The system will dispense any shape Unit of Use product, label the product and discharge the labeled product into a tote or onto a conveyor. The single channels ScriptPick™ system will dispense and label 600 Unit-Of-Use items per hour.

For more information about R/X Automation Solutions’ patented automatic pill dispensing device, contact Tim Chambers or visit the website at

“Our law firm is pleased to announce these new patents on behalf of our clients,” says Founding Partner Kurt Leyendecker. “These new inventions add value to the healthcare industry and are representative of some of the newest technologies out there that are reducing costs and improving people’s lives.”

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