Vehicle’s air conditioning with the engine off, zipper assembly for warehouse netting are among the new patents 

July 16, 2014

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — Leyendecker & Lemire, LLC, an intellectual property and business law firm serving entrepreneurs, individual inventors, and businesses of all sizes, announces three new patentees whose inventions have been successfully commercialized.

Leyendecker & Lemire represented Mark W.Orr of Arvada, Colo., who invented a special zipper assembly for industrial netting. Netting prevents debris from falling from shelving and damaging concrete flooring or inflicting bodily harm on warehouse workers. Lightweight items, such as boxes and paper can get caught by the net and block views. Traditionally, clearing this debris has been an arduous task: The net must be cut, the debris retrieved, and then the net repaired using twine or string. This process can compromise the integrity of the net over time. The zipper assembly created by Orr helps allevitate this issue. The assemby has a row of eyelets on either side, allowing it to be zip-ties to the net webbing. This zipper opens to allow for the safe retrieval of debris, and then securely zipped closed. The patent was issued on April 22.

Jerome Daniels of Elizabeth, Colo., was issued a patent for his invention of a dual-mode automobile air-conditioning system. Typically a car’s vapor-compression air-conditioner is driven by an engine-mounted pulley system, or a DC motor powered by an electrical source independent of the engine. Only when the motor is engaged does the air conditioning work. Daniels designed an air-conditioning system that can be used when the car is not in operation. The system is driven by one or more thermal electric cooling (TEC) systems, powered by a DC power source and supplemented by a solar energy grid. This patent was also issued on April 22.

“It’s my pleasure to announce these – as well as all of our patentess,” says Founding Partner Kurt Leyendecker. “It takes trust and relationship building with our clients to see patents to issuance. We assist and educate our clients throughout the process, and to do that, there has to be trust between us and the client.”

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