Originally Posted 1/4/06 

Tactical Video Solutions is the producer of video camera that mounts on the end of a semi-automatic pistol’s magazine, and feeds video to a small LCD screen that is typically mounted on the user’s wrist.

SWAT and other law enforcement personal can use the camera to see around blind corners expossing only their firearm and perhaps their hand. Some versions of the system include infrared illumination to permit the officer to see in the dark.

Yuriy Umanskiy, one of the camera’s inventors recently won the INVENTOR OF THE YEAR award from the Divinci Institute as discussed in this Rocky Mountain New Article. Congratutlations, Yuriy!

The product has also been featured on the local WB2 news and Channel 4 news as can be seen on their distributor’s site (Tac-Arts, LLC) under News, Video & Stuff.

We prepared the patent application for the camera system and formed the company, Tactical Video Solutions. Further, we drafted and negotiated the company’s distributor agreement.

You can also check out the camera at Tactical Video Solution’s website.