Originally Posted 12/15/05 

The title of this entry, “Client Spotlight”, is particularly appropriate for this client, Camerabright!, Inc.

The company manufactures a unique LED light that fits into the tripod mount of a camera. The light serves several purposes: (1) it can be used to illuminate a scene to facilitate video capture using a digital camera or a camcorder; (2) it can be used in place of the flash when taking portraits to help minimize or eliminate the occurrence of redeye that is common with strobe flashes; and (3) it can be used with macro photography where a high powered strobe flash would washout details of the subject.

The product is Patent Pending and we expect that a Patent will issue sometime in 2006. The company is also in the process of obtaining several Trademarks. Furthermore, the company is growing rapidly and is working on new lighting solutions particularly advantageous to digital photography.

Check them out at www.camerabright.com.