The Problem

Around the world, law enforcement officers are put in dangerous situations every day. How they handle those situations and make split-second decisions can often be the difference between life and death. But no amount of studying from a book or even time at a gun range can adequately train the officers for what to expect in those dangerous scenarios. They need practice and training that’s as close to real life as possible.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for effective training, Greg Otte and six of his then-co-workers left another simulation provider to launch Golden-based Ti Training in 2006 and created The Training Lab. The Training Lab is a high-tech, industry-leading use-of-force simulator. The simulator allows users to practice using a range of force options, including TASERs, batons and commonly used firearms. The system is pre-loaded with more than 500 scenarios and gives users the ability to customize them to their own specifications. The system can be used by up to 18 participants and includes low-light simulation.

Recognizing that they had created a valuable product, the founders of Ti Training sought to trademark their company and product names. Ti Training has relied on the expertise of attorneys at Leyendecker & Lemire for the successful issue of seven trademarks with another pending and Otte describes the experience as “fantastic.”

L&L has also filed two patents that are pending for Ti Training. The intellectual property protection that L&L has helped Ti Training receive has helped the company sell its product to law enforcement agencies worldwide with confidence of knowing their intellectual property is secure.

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