Originally Posted 1/24/06 

Rapper 50 Cent is the latest5 artist to be sued for copyright infringement. Lil’ Joe Wein Music, filed suit against 50 Cent in Miami federal district court claiming parts of 50’s “In DA Club” which appeared on the “Get Rich or Die Trying” infringe on former 2 Live Crew member Luther Campbell’s 1994 hit “It’s your Birthday”. Additionally, the lawsuit contends that Campbell’s song “I like it, I love it” can also be found on 50’s 2003 DVD “50 Cent- The New Bread” and it appears form the allegations contained in the lawsuit that permission or royalties were never properly paid to Campbell. The copyrights to “It’s your Birthday” and “I like it, I love it” are owned by Lil’ Joe Wein Music, which is apparently owned by Campbell’s former attorney. We’ll see how this one plays out, it looks to be an interesting case – including the story on how Campbell gave up the copyrights to his songs.