Patents include sports equipment and food-safety enhancements

Aug. 11, 2016

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. — Leyendecker & Lemire LLC, a law firm providing intellectual property and business-related legal services to entrepreneurs, individual inventors and businesses of all sizes, announces 13 new patents issued to clients by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2016.

Summer games of pickup basketball may be more convenient in the future thanks to a new design for a retractable basketball goal (US 9,333,406) designed by Alan Weeder of Parker, Colorado. Housing covenants often prohibit permanently installed basketball goals on driveways, and portable units are heavy and unwieldly, with some prone to tipping. Weeder’s solution is a goal that retracts into a garage for storage and extends out through a garage-door opening for use.

Cory Fuhrmeister of Transformer Rails in Johns Island, South Carolina, developed a transformable obstacle for skateboarders (US 9,302,174). The obstacle facilitates a trick called a grind — sliding a skateboard along a railing, ledge or other slick surface — in a variety of settings and with a wide range of challenges.

Come winter, ice climbers could get a boost from a new power-tool adapter and method for securely inserting ice screws (US 9,303,456). Developed by Albert Fiorello of Greenwood Village, Colorado, the new tools and techniques enhance climbing safety and ease.

Richard Dumm of Dairy Tech Inc. in Windsor, Colorado, received a patent (US 9,357,798) for a visual indicator that shows whether dairy products have been sufficiently heat pasteurized, providing a more reliable gauge of product safety. Bill Landow of Good Fortune Direct in Denver, Colorado, developed a mixed-drink gift presentation package (US 9,376,238), while Norman Meindl Jr. of Arvada, Colorado, patented a storage solution for single-cup coffee pods or capsules (US 9,265,378).

Other patents awarded since January 2016 include:

  • US 9,263,007 awarded to Grant Goble of Talon Elements for a new type of guitar pick
  • US 9,266,701 awarded to Eli Bosco of Infinity Wind Power for an enhanced stability crane and methods of use
  • US 9,226,606 awarded to Lucas Nesladek for a beret display apparatus
  • US 9,333,615 awarded to Ken Johnson of Multi Inc. for an orbital-sander mounting apparatus
  • US 9,380,841 awarded to Mark Orr for a zipper assembly
  • US 9,247,692 awarded to Pamela Hatcher for a universal drain-hole cover for planting containers
  • US 9,273,476 awarded to Terry Hoyle for a modular construction void form

Since January 2016, Leyendecker & Lemire also has registered 11 trademarks on behalf of its clients.

“Leyendecker & Lemire represents small businesses and inventors in a broad range of industries,” says Founding Partner Peter C. Lemire. “We’re inspired by the creativity and ingenuity these patents represent, and we’re honored to help these innovators and entrepreneurs protect their intellectual property and business interests.”

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