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(or fill out our disclosure form to order a patent search and opinion)

Find out:

  1. Whether your invention comprises patentable subject matter.
    • In other words, is your idea, process, composition, gadget, machine, device, method and/or mechanism something that could be patented if it is both new and not obvious?
    • Here is a hint: most ideas/inventions and even most processes and improvements on existing products are conceptually patentable.
  2. Receive our pre-patent search opinion on the chances of obtaining a patent on your invention.
    • This opinion is often highly speculative, but if you provide us with information concerning any prior art (other similar articles or processes) that you are aware of, our evaluation may save you the expense of a search.
    • Further, if we know of similar devices or methods, we might be able to save you the expense of the professional patent search and opinion.
  3. We will suggest your next steps, such as a patent search and opinion
  4. Finally, if you provide us with sufficient information, we will give you a fixed fee price to quote to prepare and file a high quality patent application.
All you have to do is fill out this simple Invention Disclosure Form, Hit send, and we will be in touch with you in a few short business days.

Alternatively, you can call us and set up a FREE ½ hour consultation.

The choice is yours.

1. Your Name:

2. Address:

3. City:



4. Phone Number:

Cell Number:

5. E-mail Address:

6. Are you an Inventor of the disclosed invention?
Yes   No

7. Are there any other inventors? If so, list them:

8. What is your invention?

9. What does your invention do? (i.e. How does it work?)

10. What is the problem(s) your invention solves, or how is you invention better than other processes or devices that perform the same or similar functions as your invention?

11. If you have a sketch, picture or other images of your invention please upload them with this disclosure. Alternatively, email them to us at patent@lld-law.com along with your contact information. Sketches or other pictures of your invention, even if bad, are very helpful in analyzing you invention.

(accepted formats: eps, ai, jpg, tif, gif, bmp, pdf, doc)

12. What is the approx. date the invention was conceived?

13. Have you told anyone of the Invention? If NO skip to Question 15:
Yes   No

14. If YES, who have you told and what is their relationship to you?

15. Have you offered the invention for sale to anyone?
Yes   No
If so, when?

16. Has the invention been discussed in any publication, such a newspaper, a newsletter, the Internet, or trade journal?
Yes   No
If Yes, please give the details:

17.If you disclosed or discussed the invention with anyone, did you have the person(s) with whom you discussed the invention sign a NONDISCLOSURE agreement?
Yes   No
If Yes, please give the details:

18. Have you prototyped the invention; have you sketched the invention; have you drafted a written description of the invention; have you tested the invention? If YES to anyone of these questions, please provide the details and relevant dates.

19. What are the closest products or services currently available that are the most like your invention?

...and what are there strengths and weaknesses relative to your invention?

20. Have you performed an informal or formal patent search?
Yes   No
If so, what were the closest references (such as patent numbers) identified in the search?

How does your invention differ from the closest prior art?

21. Is there anything else you can tell us about your invention? Keep in mind, the more you disclose to us, the better our evaluation can be.


Assurance of Confidentiality

You can rest assured that everything you tell us will be kept in strict confidence as is required by both the Bar of the state of Colorado and the United States Patent Office. Inequitable conduct and/or other improper conduct could get us disbarred and subject us to a major malpractice lawsuit. In other words, you are fully protected by what is commonly referred to as the Attorney/client confidentiality, which protects disclosures you make to us as prospective clients and remains in force even if you do not hire us.


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